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1/30/2013: Residential Notice Page 1

1/30/2013: Residential Notice Page 2


  1. Dear Sirs and Madam,

    Thank you for doing this! Have all county residents been notified in advance? Did I miss this in the Public Notice area in the Sentinel? Or was there an advertisement I missed? There must have been!!!

    As we all rely on this corridor to get to the court house on time and other business located on Water, and Soquel and even the County buildings on Emiline, we all use Ocean to get to these public and private sector businesses.

    Regardless, thanks again, and good luck!! Best Wishes!

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      An advance notice was sent out to residents and businesses within the project area, and the Sentinel has published an article. We've also had message boards out on Ocean St.

      The City also hopes that this blog will make it easier for the public to keep updated on the latest project news. Thank you for using this and please check back often.